Tramadol – opioid analgesic for the treatment of pain after injuries, cancer, and chronic pain syndrome

Medicine has repeatedly faced with situations where a drug was designed for one purpose but, has been effective in addressing absolutely other pathology.

Accidentally it has been discovered that Tramadol also shows a high effectiveness in the fight against the common male affliction known as a premature ejaculation.

This unexpected effect of the drug, which is a powerful opioid analgesic, has provoked great interest on the part of the male population of the United States.

Premature ejaculation is a problem which is faced by many men. Many representatives of the stronger sex are ready to go on a variety of experiments in search of effective means of dealing with this sexual dysfunction.

Let’s find out how safe Tramadol is in solving premature ejaculation, because the drug has its side effects that should be considered when undertaking a course of treatment with these powerful pharmaceuticals.

What is the mechanism of prolongation of sexual intercourse with Tramadol?

The fact that Tramadol is able to delay male ejaculation was observed by chance. Although the mechanism of action of the drug on that man’s function is poorly studied nowadays, there are a number of studies that confirm that Tramadol can significantly prolong the sexual act.

The scientists ‘ conclusions are mixed, but many of them agree that the magic effect is achieved due to the combination of several properties of the drug, the most interesting of which is the increase in serotonin outflow. In practice, a man takes a pill of Tramadol for 6-8 hours before sexual intercourse, and he has the ability to control ejaculation during the sex.

As a rule, the drug can prolong sexual intercourse at least in three times, and in some cases – dozens of times. Given the fact that a man, who suffers from this sexual dysfunction, will do anything to please his woman in bed like a real macho, he is rarely afraid of the risk of side effects, and is ready to go on experiments with a strong opioid that has an interesting effect.

What do the studies show?

There weren’t many studies on the effect of Tramadol on male ejaculation. Although the source data for research vary, the conclusions of the researchers are quite clear. Tramadol really helps to prolong sexual intercourse, and it is not the subjective estimation of men, but the actual data, which can be taken as a basis. The only thing, which was noted by all the researchers, is the fact that Tramadol is not recommended for use immediately before sex, since the side effects can negate this miraculous effect.

The minimum dosage of Tramadol is 25 mg. This amount of the drug is considered relatively safe and does not cause side effects. However, positive effects of the drug can be felt only when receiving 75 mg of the drug. In this case, the probability of side effects will be slightly higher but will not exceed 15-17%. Usually the side effects include nausea, vomiting, dyspepsia and somnolence. In rare cases, erectile dysfunction may also occur although these side effects are very rare and occur only in some patients.

How can you order Tramadol without a prescription?

Today there are many ways to acquire Tramadol on the Internet. One of them is to order the drug from our store. You can buy Tramadol without prescription in the overnight mode. Packing of Tramadol will be quickly delivered to your home in any US city.

Ordering Tramadol without prescription, you have to remember that the drug may cause an opioid dependence in case of the prolonged use. Therefore, we recommend using it only with a prescription of your doctor. Even if you buy the drug without a prescription, you have to consult your doctor to confirm that you can use its short course to achieve the desired effect in bed.

The order of Tramadol shifts the responsibility for possible side effects on the patient. You should consider it, making order in our store. You should consult you doctor in order to be sure that the drug will not provoke health problems.