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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions regarding buying of Tramadol pills online? Don’t you worry, you are not alone. Several other people like you have the same questions. Read our FAQs and have your questions answered. If you have any other question, feel free to contact us.

How do I purchase a supply of Tramadol pills?

Our Tramadol online store is designed in a way that allows you to place your order, any day any time. Our working business hours run from 5 AM to 9 PM, this timing is sure to cater for your needs fully. When you place your order during weekdays, we start processing your order immediately, and you will receive your stock in the shortest time possible. However, if you happen to place your order during weekends, we will process and dispatch your order on Monday. It is important to note that while placing your order, give us your official residential address, this will make it easier for us to ship your order as fast as possible.

How do I pay for the Tramadol pills in the U.S ?

Any U.S resident can easily pay for the Tramadol pills. All our specific pharmaceuticals are licensed, and have a fast delivery team to handle deliveries. Our service of selling Tramadol pills is approved by the FDA. You can use USD payment option when you want to pay and we will immediately start processing your order. When you run out of stock you can use our reorder service, which will enable you place another order, and you get additional stock.

Can I order bulk Tramadol pills?

Yes. Infact we urge most of our customers to take advantage of the bulk purchase. This is because there are so many benefits that you will get. You can take advantage of our discount of bulk purchases and save some dollars. More importantly is that you will never run out of stock when you need it the most.

Do I need a prescription to take Tramadol pills?

Definitely yes. Tramadol pills is a medicine and with all medicine you need a prescription. You should consider visiting your physician to give you a prescription first and then you can easily log in, and place your order.

What food should I avoid while taking Tramadol pills?

Well, Tramadol like any other prescription medication might have side effects to certain types of food. Check in with your physician to advise you on the type of food you should consume, and the type you should avoid.

I missed taking my Tramadol dose what should I do?

I always advise that you should never skip your dose. With Tramadol pills it is the same, take your dose religiously. However, when you forget and miss a dose, try to remember when was the last time you took your Tramadol dose. If it has been a while now, skip the missed Tramadol pills and take the other subsequent Tramadol dose.

Can I take alcohol while using Tramadol pills?

No. Alcohol has side effects we all know. Taking alcohol while on your dose might cause harm to your body. Or worse still, prevent the medicine from fully functioning in your body. Stay away from alcohol during this period you are taking Tramadol pills.

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