Tramadol effects and adverse reactions

The pharmaceutical industry has a lot of cases when the drug is intended to treat one disease, but demonstrates a high efficiency in a completely different field.

A great example is an opioid analgesic Tramadol, which is widely used today by millions of men to combat such disease as a premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation is a discharge of semen during sex with minimal stimulation of the penis. As a rule, a man who suffers from premature ejaculation can not hold back ejaculation for a long time, and it occurs within one or two minutes after entering of penis into the vagina.

Extreme premature ejaculation is ejaculation before the introduction of the penis due to excessive excitability. It is interesting that, despite the ubiquity of this sexual disease, there are no drugs that are designed specifically for the treatment of this pathology.

However, men have found out that the solution to this problem is Tramadol, which shows excellent efficiency as a sporadic basis to combat this sexual disorder.

Numerous studies of the effects of Tramadol on male sexual function suggest that the drug can indeed prolong sexual intercourse. The most famous study, which involved 60 men, allowed them to come to the conclusion that taking 100 mg of Tramadol for a few hours before intercourse can delay the onset of ejaculation.

Using Tramadol, the man gets the opportunity to greatly enhance his capabilities as a lover and to get rid of psychological disorders associated with inability to satisfy a woman in bed. The drug, originally invented to fight the pain, shows a decent level of security. This is despite the fact that it belongs to the group of synthetic opioid analgesics.

The drug was invented in the sixties of the last century, but only recently it began to be used in the treatment of male sexual dysfunction.

Containment of ejaculate is due to the impact of the drug on the central nervous system. To date, the mechanism which secures the improvement of the male function is not fully understood, but scientists agree that it’s all due to the ability of the drug to act as a serotonin modulator.

Thus, taking the drug for a few hours before intercourse, a man can easily hold back ejaculation, which means that sex will last much longer.

Judging by the experience of many men using Tramadol as a maintenance therapy, the drug prolongs the intercourse from 3 to 10 times. This is usually enough to satisfy your partner and boost your confidence as a lover.

Unfortunately, many people forget that the treatment of sexual dysfunction is not the main feature of the drug. That is why there is often a risk of uncontrolled administration of the drug, which is the reason for constant fights the doctors and manufacturers.

So, if you suffer from premature ejaculation, do not rush to apply a high dose of the drug, believing that you will achieve more pronounced effect. It is much wiser to start taking Tramadol with a small dose and watch how it improves your sex life.

And don’t forget that the sustained and systematic intake of Tramadol can develop tolerance to the active substance, which will make the use of the drug eventually useless.

That is why doctors recommend a reasonable approach to the admission of Tramadol, using it only as maintenance therapy. The main effort should be made by direct overcoming of your illness in psychological terms, because premature ejaculation is often induced by excessive excitability, which can be controlled by drug-free way.

Where can you buy Tramadol without a prescription?

Today there is a possibility to purchase Tramadol without prescription in the USA. You can do this by placing an order in our online shop where we offer to buy Tramadol at affordable price in the overnight mode of delivery in all states.

When ordering on our website, you should pre-consult your doctor to make sure that you have no contraindications to the use the opioid analgesics.

So, you can protect yourself from the negative effects of the drug on other functions of your body

Tramadol is a powerful central nervous system depressant

Premature ejaculation is a common sexual dysfunction, affecting millions of men around the world. Unfortunately, today there is no a drug which has been designed specifically to eliminate this problem.

However, the world has pharmaceutical products which, are although intended for completely different tasks, but can prolong sexual intercourse and make sexual life more bright and saturated.

We are talking about such well-known opioid painkiller as Tramadol, which is actively used to correct post-traumatic and chronic pain.

Tramadol is better known to the American consumers under the brand name of Ultram. The drug acts at opioid receptors, thereby reducing the sensation of pain perceived by the central nervous system.

From the first days of the beginning of the course with Tramadol, patients feel considerable relief, and the quality of life is markedly improved.

The drug is considered a relatively mild opioid analgesic which is vastly superior in this parameter to popular Codeine and Morphine.

Tramadol an effective analgesic causing minimum side-effects at high efficiency. To date, the drug is offered in tablets of different dosages. The product is discharged solely on the doctor’s prescription, and its uncontrolled use requires maximum responsibility and awareness of possible risks.

Many men, who seek to get rid of such problems as premature ejaculation, are ready for everything to feel strength in bed.

That’s why many patients order Tramadol online where it can be purchased without a prescription. In this case, there is a high risk that the patient is not aware of all the possible risks that will lead either to the appearance of undesirable side effects or overdose, which in turn may provoke respiratory arrest, falling into a coma or death. Therefore, using the drug without your doctor’s approval, you should be careful and study the instruction. It is particularly important to ensure that you have no contraindications to taking this drug.

The best way to do this is to study the instruction and consult your doctor. Only a qualified specialist can give a definite answer whether it is safe for you to use the drug to combat premature ejaculation, or it is better to refuse.

There are a number of drugs that can’t be simultaneously used with Tramadol. Also the list of prohibited substances includes alcohol and drugs, which can lead to unexpected effects in combination with Tramadol.

You definitely need to stop taking sedatives and other anesthetics, if you decide to undergo Tramadol or use it from time to time to maintain your sexual function.

How should you use Tramadol to fight premature ejaculation?

Although today there is no single recipe for using Tramadol to fight premature ejaculation, many patients are offered the following scheme of the drug. It is recommended to take Tramadol in a dosage of 75-100 mg for 6-8 hours before intercourse. This is enough to feel the pronounced effect of the drug. The lower dose, most likely, will not allow you to feel the full force of the Tramadol A higher dose may lead to serious side effects.

In addition, an overdose of Tramadol will cause nausea, dizziness, drowsiness and other inevitable consequences of the admission of opioid analgesics. Therefore it is better to stick to the above recommendations, and contact your doctor before the use of Tramadol for the treatment of sexual dysfunction.

But we should not forget that Tramadol is a drug for the treatment of sexual dysfunction. A lot of things depend on men, who should think of a psychological side of this problem in addition to medical treatment. You need to remember that Tramadol gives a one-time effect and you will not be able to use it during all life in order to satisfy a woman.

Therefore it should be used as maintenance therapy, but not be regarded as a panacea for all sexual problems.

Where can you buy Tramadol without a prescription?

If you are looking for an affective tool to deal with sexual dysfunction, you can buy an opioid analgesic called Tramadol. This drug is well established as a means for prolongation of sexual intercourse.

You can order Tramadol mode overnight in our pharmacy at an affordable price. We offer the drug at any dosage, however, it is recommended to start treatment with a minimum dose to ensure that the product does not cause side effects and is indeed an effective means to combat premature ejaculation.

Action and side effects of Tramadol

There are quite a lot of reasons that cause premature ejaculation. Usually this problem is related to psychological barriers or long-term lack of sexual life of the patient.

Anyway, premature ejaculation significantly lowers men’s self-esteem, which in turn provokes more serious sexual dysfunction.

A man, who is unable to satisfy a woman during intercourse, feels frustrated. So those, who are faced with this problem, begin to actively seek ways to solve it.

Of course, the majority of patients look for a magic pill that would effortlessly help to cope with this disease. Today one of these tablets is Tramadol, an opioid analgesic, which is widely distributed in the United States.

Modern science is skeptical to the properties of Tramadol for treating premature ejaculation. Primarily it is because scientists don’t know the mechanisms why the admission of Tramadol contributes to prolongation of sexual intercourse.

Experts attribute the positive effect of taking Tramadol due to the fact that the complex of some methods of influence of the drug on the central nervous system can give an effect, when a man can longer hold back the ejaculation.

Moreover, nowadays we are aware of at least five studies that have been conducted over the drug Tramadol in the context of premature ejaculation. And the research results are really astounding – the drug is objectively able to prolong sexual intercourse in 3-20 times.

Most men begin to apply Tramadol without a prescription, without worrying about side effects.

However, such effects are observed, and this obliges us to tell you about them in order to protect patients from serious consequences.

Side effects

Being a powerful synthetic opioid, Tramadol can cause a number of the typical side effects, including dizziness, nausea, drowsiness and vomiting. In addition, overdose of Tramadol can lead to labored breathing. In rare cases, the exceeding of the prescribed dosage can lead to the fact that a patient will slip into a coma.

The cases of death are also not uncommon and it should be considered during the uncontrolled administration of the drug.

How should you use Tramadol in case of premature ejaculation?

If you suffer from such sexual dysfunction as premature ejaculation – Tramadol can become your reliable assistant in correcting the situation. Practice of thousands of men shows that effective dosage is 75 mg of Tramadol for 6 hours before sexual intercourse.

It is not recommended to use Tramadol immediately before sex, as this may cause side effects, which are unwanted during lovemaking. In particular, such side effects include erectile dysfunction, which can appear during your stay with a woman in bed.

It is important to note that you you should use the standard form of Tramadol, but not prolonged one in case of the struggle with premature ejaculation.

The second one is designed to gently eliminate chronic pain and is not suitable to deal with premature ejaculation.

The optimal choice for a patient, who suffers from sexual dysfunction, is to buy the drug in a minimum dosage.

Where can you buy Tramadol without a prescription?

Today every US resident can order Tramadol without prescription in the overnight mode. You should simply select the drug dosage and place your order on the website. Affordable prices and prompt delivery make us one of the most convenient stores of opioid analgesic.

Despite the fact that you can buy Tramadol without a prescription at our pharmacy, we recommend you to consult your doctor before taking the drug. This is especially true for patients suffering from premature ejaculation as this is an inappropriate use of the drug.

If you suffer from chronic pain, you should buy Tramadol solely to prolong sexual intercourse, it is necessary to monitor the dosage and not exceed the optimal 75-100 mg.

Now you don’t have to be shamed before a woman, demonstrating your inability to delay ejaculation.

Buying Tramadol in our online store, you will be able to become a desirable lover. But you should keep in mind that Tramadol is only a supportive drug, and the emphasis should be made on the overcome of psychological barriers, making you unable to delay ejaculation.

Tramadol- synthetic analgesic product that contains opioids

Tramadol effectively combats arthritis pain, postoperative pain, and is also used as maintenance therapy in oncology. The drug belongs to the prescribed pharmaceutical drugs which are appointed by a doctor on the prescription.

Some types of pain require the use of extended release form of Tramadol, which gives a more lasting effect and reduces the frequency of drug intake, which is very important in order not to have an addiction.

The drug is efficient and it is is confirmed by both a physician and a patient. Thus, when taking opioid analgesics there is a question how safe it is for health and how quickly it can formed opioid dependence. Due to the fact that the drug acts on the opioid receptors in the brain, it can cause addiction with prolonged use.

Feature of Tramadol is that it affects the brain’s perception of pain by acting on the central nervous system.

The drug has complex action immediately in several directions. It not only effectively eliminates the pain, but also positively affects the emotional state of the patient. Thus, the patient significantly improves the quality of life due to the wide spectrum of action of the drug.

However, the patient, who uses the drug, is worth remembering that prolonged use of the drug or active abuse can lead to very serious consequences.

You should remember that taking Tramadol, or the use of codeine or heroin, acts on receptors in the brain and spinal cord. It not only relieves pain, but also leads to a kind of opioid euphoria.

Due to this reason, patients should be careful to apply the product in strict accordance with the instructions.
A feature of Tramadol is that it, unlike other drugs, is quite gentle on the body as an effective pain reliever.

For this reason, it has become a great substitute for more aggressive morphine in the medical world.

Also, the drug, which can increase the level of brain neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine, has depressant properties. In other words, the drug can affect the patient’s mood, reducing obsessive-compulsive symptoms.

This is a must to consider when taking pharmaceuticals because there are cases when patients, initially using Tramadol as a pain reliever, found persistent drug addiction, which in turn provoked a deep depression and decreased quality of life.

Safe use of Tramadol

Despite the fact that the drug is considered to be one of the safest opioids that are available in the U.S., it should be remembered that cases of Tramadol overdose are not uncommon. That is why patients, who suffer from chronic or post-traumatic pain, must strictly adhere to the dose described by the doctor.

Also the patient should remember that that they shouldn’t take alcohol, sedatives, antidepressants and other pharmaceutical preparations acting on the psyche together with Tramadol If you do not follow these recommendations, then Tramadol may provoke shortness of breath, and this can lead to death.

Therefore, the patient should always remember that taking Tramadol is a very serious decision, and the drug must be approached with full responsibility.

Patients, who suffer from chronic or post-traumatic pain, should be aware that the long-term use of Tramadol has the property to lose its effectiveness.

That is why doctors highly recommend the use of Tramadol only in extreme cases when the pain is really unbearable and its constant impact on the body leads to serious disturbances in the quality of life of the patient.

One of the problems associated with the intake of Tramadol, is an independent uncontrolled increase of dosage without the doctor’s approval. If the drug has stopped to help you – the best solution is to consult your doctor who will adjust the dosage.

But, in any case, it is not necessary to deal with the abuse of medication, because an overdose can lead to very serious consequences which are often incorrigible.

Can I buy Tramadol without a prescription?

Today, any patient, who suffers from pain, can buy Tramadol without prescription in our pharmacy in the overnight mode. Due to this fact, we warn all buyers about the dangers of uncontrolled use of Tramadol without prescription.

If you want to protect yourself, you should visit your physician and ask questions concerning the elimination of pain by Tramadol. Thus, you will be sure that you will not have any serious side effects during a course of Tramadol.

Tramadol – opioid analgesic for the treatment of pain after injuries, cancer, and chronic pain syndrome

Medicine has repeatedly faced with situations where a drug was designed for one purpose but, has been effective in addressing absolutely other pathology.

Accidentally it has been discovered that Tramadol also shows a high effectiveness in the fight against the common male affliction known as a premature ejaculation.

This unexpected effect of the drug, which is a powerful opioid analgesic, has provoked great interest on the part of the male population of the United States.

Premature ejaculation is a problem which is faced by many men. Many representatives of the stronger sex are ready to go on a variety of experiments in search of effective means of dealing with this sexual dysfunction.

Let’s find out how safe Tramadol is in solving premature ejaculation, because the drug has its side effects that should be considered when undertaking a course of treatment with these powerful pharmaceuticals.

What is the mechanism of prolongation of sexual intercourse with Tramadol?

The fact that Tramadol is able to delay male ejaculation was observed by chance. Although the mechanism of action of the drug on that man’s function is poorly studied nowadays, there are a number of studies that confirm that Tramadol can significantly prolong the sexual act.

The scientists ‘ conclusions are mixed, but many of them agree that the magic effect is achieved due to the combination of several properties of the drug, the most interesting of which is the increase in serotonin outflow. In practice, a man takes a pill of Tramadol for 6-8 hours before sexual intercourse, and he has the ability to control ejaculation during the sex.

As a rule, the drug can prolong sexual intercourse at least in three times, and in some cases – dozens of times. Given the fact that a man, who suffers from this sexual dysfunction, will do anything to please his woman in bed like a real macho, he is rarely afraid of the risk of side effects, and is ready to go on experiments with a strong opioid that has an interesting effect.

What do the studies show?

There weren’t many studies on the effect of Tramadol on male ejaculation. Although the source data for research vary, the conclusions of the researchers are quite clear. Tramadol really helps to prolong sexual intercourse, and it is not the subjective estimation of men, but the actual data, which can be taken as a basis. The only thing, which was noted by all the researchers, is the fact that Tramadol is not recommended for use immediately before sex, since the side effects can negate this miraculous effect.

The minimum dosage of Tramadol is 25 mg. This amount of the drug is considered relatively safe and does not cause side effects. However, positive effects of the drug can be felt only when receiving 75 mg of the drug. In this case, the probability of side effects will be slightly higher but will not exceed 15-17%. Usually the side effects include nausea, vomiting, dyspepsia and somnolence. In rare cases, erectile dysfunction may also occur although these side effects are very rare and occur only in some patients.

How can you order Tramadol without a prescription?

Today there are many ways to acquire Tramadol on the Internet. One of them is to order the drug from our store. You can buy Tramadol without prescription in the overnight mode. Packing of Tramadol will be quickly delivered to your home in any US city.

Ordering Tramadol without prescription, you have to remember that the drug may cause an opioid dependence in case of the prolonged use. Therefore, we recommend using it only with a prescription of your doctor. Even if you buy the drug without a prescription, you have to consult your doctor to confirm that you can use its short course to achieve the desired effect in bed.

The order of Tramadol shifts the responsibility for possible side effects on the patient. You should consider it, making order in our store. You should consult you doctor in order to be sure that the drug will not provoke health problems.

Tramadol is one of the most common opioid analgesics

Tramadol like other pain- relief drugs are used by doctors worldwide as a safe and effective way to combat pain of various origins.

Back pain, post-traumatic syndromes, cancer and other common phenomena, that adversely affect the quality of life of patients, are effectively and quickly removed by Tramadol Usually, relief comes immediately after the first dose of the medicine.

But severe pain is not the only pathology which is effectively treated by Tramadol. Not so long ago we noticed a very unexpected effect of Tramadol, which significantly expanded the scope of application of this popular drug. We are talking about a common phenomenon which is known as premature ejaculation.

According to the fact that this problem is faced by many men, the product has immediately become popular and gained a huge army of fans. Let’s find out how effective and safe the drug is in treating this sexual dysfunction, and how long it can be used without the risk of addiction to opioid which is contained in the composition of the Tramadol

How does Tramadol prolong the sexual act?

The ability of Tramadol to delay ejaculation was observed by chance. It is interesting that nowadays scientists do not fully understand the mechanism that inhibits premature ejaculation.

To date, the researchers agree that this magical effect of the drug is a combination of several properties such as the inhibition of reverse takeover of serotonin neurons, inhibition of reverse takeover of neurulation, increase of serotonin outflow, antinociceptive effects and inhibition of spinal somatosensory evoked potentials.

Of course, a usual man doesn’t know these complicated medical terms, but you need to understand that Tramadol affects the nervous system in such a way that really helps men to restrain ejaculation during a sexual intercourse.

Moreover, numerous experiments of researchers say that the use of Tramadol for 6-8 hours before sexual intercourse can extend sex in dozens of times, which is an incredible and very desirable effect for most men suffering from this sexual ailment.

What do researchers say?

To date, science knows at least five objective studies on the effects of Tramadol on a man’s ability to delay ejaculation. The obtained data are very different, however a miraculous effect of Tramadol still exists, as it was evidenced by the results of the research.

The most pessimistic forecast about the impact of Tramadol for the duration of sexual intercourse is the following – the sexual intercourse will be extended approximately in 2.5-3 times after taking the drug. In other words, if a man is able to have sex for 1 minute before ejaculation, then its ability will be expanded up to 2.5 or 3 minutes after taking the drug.

You shouldn’t use Tramadol directly before intercourse. The minimum time gap between taking the drug and the start of sexual intercourse should be 2 hours.

Side effects

Most of the side effects of Tramadol appear in 6-10 hours after entering the active substance in the body. The half-life of drug is 6 hours. Practice shows that a small dose of Tramadol is about 25 mg, it is well tolerated by a patient and doesn’t cause side effects, in most cases.

However it is recommended to use Tramadol at the dosage of 75-100 mg to effectively address such a problems as a premature ejaculation,. A man can feel a real effect only in this case.

According to researches that have been carried out in this direction, the likelihood of side effects when taking 89 mg of Tramadol is slightly less than 17%.

Most popular side effects are nausea, dyspepsia, vomiting, dizziness and sedation. It is regrettable, but side effects also often include erectile dysfunction, which itself is unacceptable in the treatment of premature ejaculation. However, this happens infrequently.

Where can you buy Tramadol without a prescription?

Our online store gives you an opportunity to buy Tramadol without prescription in the overnight mode. We recommend you to start receiving the drug with a small dosage up to 6 hours before sexual intercourse. We also strongly advise you to check whether you have contraindications for taking the drug. If you order Tramadol in our store without the doctor’s orders, the responsibility for the occurrence of side effects will fall on you. It is necessary to consider before placing the order.

Tramadol copes with pain of different origin

Tramadol is a cheap and affordable drug designed to treat moderate and severe pain. To date, it is considered one of the most affordable and powerful drugs that have analgesic effect. With proper use of Tramadol according to the instruction, side effects are extremely rare, and the drug itself remains a relatively safe opioid.

Like any analgesic, Tramadol is used to eliminate pain of various origins. Given that the most severe pain people experience as a result of the injury or after a complex operation, it is these patients that are primarily assigned to Tramadol As the drug belongs to the class of higher opioids, it practically does not cause dependence, which also makes it conditionally safer than other drugs containing strong opioids.

Side effects

Considering that Tramadol is considered a powerful and effective remedy, every patient is informed that some side effects may appear. The drug inhibits the absorption of neuro-chemicals in the brain. Due to this, it shows greater effectiveness than the popular Codeine and Morphine.

  • Among the frequent side effects that occur when taking Tramadol:
  • Dry mouth;
  • Feeling of nausea and vomiting;
  • Dizziness;
  • Drowsiness.

All of the above side effects are considered acceptable and do not require a revision of the dosage. Nevertheless, if a person becomes very ill after taking Tramadol, then the dosage can be adjusted downward.

In addition to typical side effects, Tramadol can cause other reactions, such as:
Allergy. Some people are allergic to certain components of the drug. Allergy can manifest as itching, puffiness, shortness of breath. If you notice an atypical side effect, it is recommended that you immediately consult your doctor. Most allergic reactions occur among patients who have a genetic susceptibility to opiates. Such patients are contraindicated in all opioid active chemicals, including Tramadol.

Problems of the central nervous system. Despite the fact that the drug acts directly on the brain receptors, the probability of side effects associated with the work of the central nervous system is rather small. Repeated studies suggest that the use of the drug within six months causes a much lower risk of dependence.

However, if you use Tramadol more than the indicated period, then there may be side effects like too bright dreams, nightmares, sudden mood swings and hallucinations.

Respiratory system disorders. It is proved that Tramadol can provoke respiratory depression. Such side effects are not infrequent, but they should also be taken into account, especially with prolonged use of the drug.

Disruption of the gastrointestinal tract. Problems of this kind can manifest as constipation, nausea and vomiting.

Practice shows that the risk of side effects from taking Tramadol in a short course is minimal. Nevertheless, if you notice any anomalies in the work of your body, it is recommended that you immediately consult a specialist.

How to buy Tramadol?

Today, many patients who suffer from chronic or post-traumatic pain actively use Tramadol as a daily means of combating pain. This drug is prescribed by many doctors, considering it relatively safe and effective in dealing with a range of ailments. Tramadol copes with pains of any origin, and that’s why this drug is so in demand in our online store.

Here you can buy Tramadol without a prescription in overnight mode. You can make an order right now, and tomorrow you can get a medicine that will stop the pain.

If you dream of a sound healthy sleep, but chronic pain prevents you from enjoying it, think about how to buy Tramadol as an effective tool in the fight against pain. To date, the drug is actively distributed through the Internet, and you can order it in our store at an affordable price.

We have products in various dosages ranging from 50 to 225 mg. Making a purchase in our store, you can be sure that you are acquiring an original drug that will act gently, effectively and safely.

We also remind you that Tramadol is a potent drug containing narcotic substances. That’s why we strongly recommend contacting your doctor before taking the drug. So you will be 100% sure that the course of Tramadol will not cause you addiction and other undesirable side effects.

Studies of the effects of Tramadol on sexual function

In search of alternative ways to combat premature ejaculation, researchers came to a very interesting conclusion. It turns out that the analgesic Tramadol invented in the seventies of the last century can well be used as a solution to this vital male problem. Initially, Tramadol was not focused on solving the problem of male sexual dysfunction, as Viagra was not designed to combat erectile dysfunction.

Nevertheless, this analgesic, which patients use to reduce moderate and severe pain, demonstrates certain efficacy and is able to significantly improve your sex life in a controlled manner.

It should immediately be noted that Tramadol is a prescription drug, and doctors prescribe it only to the group of patients described in the instructions. Unfortunately, the instruction does not say a word about premature ejaculation, and therefore men have to buy Tramadol on the Internet without a prescription to finally cope with their ailment.

Practice shows that Tramadol is able to prolong the sexual intercourse approximately four times, which for most men is an unattainable result. If earlier your sexual intercourse lasted 3-5 minutes, then after taking Tramadol, you can satisfy your beloved woman for 20 minutes or more.

The accidental discovery of the side effect of Tramadol warmed the scientists’ interest in this drug. As a result, a large-scale study was organized, in which 60 men took part, which were divided into two groups.

According to the results of the study, it turned out that the drug can indeed become a relatively safe and effective tool in the fight against premature ejaculation.

At the same time, the mechanism of action of Tramadol is not fully understood, although it demonstrates an enviable efficiency.

What you need to know before taking Tramadol:

  • The drug really helps to prolong sexual intercourse and with it you can significantly improve your sex life;
  • The drug, like any opioid analgesic, can provoke unwanted side effects;
  • With prolonged admission, Tramadol can provoke an addiction that will be very difficult to cope with.

The most likely mechanism of action of Tramadol is that it inhibits re-uptake of neurons of norepinephrine and serotonin. To date, scientists agree that it is this pharmacokinetic effect that contributes to the fact that patients taking Tramadol can have sex much longer than without it. In particular, a number of studies have shown that when taking Tramadol, the duration of sexual intercourse is increased by 3-12 times. These incredible figures force many men to order Tramadol on the Internet and use it as a support and means of combating premature ejaculation.
In addition, in a number of studies, patients noted not only an increase in the time of sexual intercourse, but also a significant increase in sexual satisfaction. In part, this is due to the fact that the sexual act itself lasts longer, which means that patients evaluate it more subjectively.

Be that as it may, the effect of the drug can be assessed only by testing its effects on personal experience.

But do not forget about the side effects that are manifested as:

  • Nausea
  • Drowsiness
  • Headache
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness

It should also be noted that in rare cases, Tramadol can cause erectile dysfunction, which in turn can negate the results of therapy to prevent premature ejaculation. Therefore, doctors recommend that the course of Tramadol be limited to 18 weeks, as long-term admission may cause obvious side effects, including the formation of opioid dependence.

Where to buy Tramadol?

If you want to improve your sex life – it’s time to think about purchasing a package of Tramadol You can do it in our online store, where a large selection of the drug in various dosages is presented. Here you can buy Tramadol without a prescription in overnight mode. We guarantee that we sell only the original product, and you can be assured of quality, efficiency and safety.

Our pricing policy allows everyone to purchase Tramadol in the right amount. Also, we periodically hold promotions and sales, on which you can buy Tramadol at a bargain price.

Do not forget that the drug is designed to combat pain. And although it is a relatively mild analgesic, one must remember that with prolonged use, dependence can form. Therefore, men who suffer from premature ejaculation, we recommend the use of Tramadol short course and as maintenance therapy.

The main emphasis in treatment is recommended to be done to find the causes of premature ejaculation, and not so much to eliminate the consequences. Therefore, men who suffer from premature ejaculation, we recommend the use of Tramadol short course and as maintenance therapy.

The main emphasis in treatment is recommended to be done to find the causes of premature ejaculation, and not so much to eliminate the consequences. Remember that Tramadol will only act as an assistant, but the main work on improving one’s health should be done by the man himself.

Tramadol- narcotic drug with pronounced analgesic activity

The special composition of Tramadol provides rapid and sustained analgesic effect which is less efficient only to morphine at the same dosage.

Accordingly, Tramadol is used in higher doses. According to biopharmaceutical classification it belongs to the group of agonists of opioid receptors and is an oral remedy to combat pain of various origins.

Tramadol was invented in the first half of the sixties of the 20th century by Dr. Kurt Flake which synthesized this molecule and thereby laid the foundations for the creation of opioid painkillers.

The unique pharmacokinetic properties of the drug immediately made it a popular mono-energetic, which is used to eliminate chronic and post-traumatic pain.

The fact that since its invention, the drug has been assigned to more than 70 000 000 patients worldwide, says about the effectiveness and safety of a pharmaceutical product. It is actively used in surgery, oncology, and other professionals to relieve pain in their patients and to improve their quality of life.

Tramadol affects the central and peripheral nervous system. One of its properties is enhancing the effects of sedative drugs.

Tramadol activates opioid receptors on pre – and postsynaptic membranes of afferent fibers in the GI tract and the brain. Also it slows down the destruction of catecholamines. The analgesic effect of the drug is in 10 times weaker compared with morphine. Comparing with morphine, the drug is practically non-addictive, and it virtually has no effect on respiration and haemodynamics in therapeutic doses, and it also does not affect the pressure in the pulmonary artery, but only slightly slows peristalsis, although in some cases, it can cause constipation.

Additional effects of Tramadol also include antitussive and sedative effects. Most common side effects are depression of the respiratory center and excitation of starting zone of the vomiting center.

Prolonged use of Tramadol for therapeutic purposes may cause formation of tolerance to the active ingredient of the drug. The same analgesic effect occurs within 30 minutes after oral administration and lasts for 6 hours.

Treatment of sexual dysfunction with Tramadol

Despite the fact that the drug is intended to combat the pain of different origins, researchers and patients note another interesting effect of the drug, namely its ability to prolong sexual intercourse. We are talking about premature ejaculation – a problem faced by many men.

Many studies and practical application of the drug say that Tramadol is able to effectively cope with this disease. If a man takes medication for 6 hours prior to sexual intercourse then it will greatly increase an ability to hold back ejaculation.

According to subjective estimates of the patients, who are involved in numerous studies, Tramadol prolongs the intercourse from 3 to 10 times. It is logical that this provokes tens of thousands of patients worldwide to purchase Tramadol without prescription in order to cope with such a popular illness as premature ejaculation.

How does Tramadol affect male sexual function? Scientists agree that such effect is achieved due to the special effects of the drug on the central nervous system. Interestingly, the drug really shows its efficiency in this direction. However, it is worth remembering that the main range of action of this pharmaceutical product is to combat pain of various origins, but not the elimination of sexual dysfunction.

Can I purchase Tramadol without a prescription?

Despite the fact that opioid analgesics are a group of prescription drugs today, any man, who suffers from premature ejaculation, can buy Tramadol in our pharmacy without prescription in the overnight mode.

You can see the medication in different dosages on the pages of our shop, but we recommend starting therapy with a minimal dosage. We also strongly advise you to contact your doctor, who will confirm that you can take Tramadol as a means from sexual dysfunction.

This is vital because the range of contraindications for administration of Tramadol is wide enough and it is advisable to ensure that the product will not cause serious harm to your health.

Unexpected effect of Tramadol- expectations and result

In spite of the fact that Tramadol is a medicinal preparation intended to combat pain, there are a number of pathologies, in the treatment of which it demonstrates a worthy level of effectiveness. One of the problems that many men face is premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation is an ejaculation with minimal stimulation of the penis. Repeated studies have shown that Tramadol demonstrates a worthy level of effectiveness when used as a sporadic basis for combating pathology. In one of the most popular studies, Tramadol was injected into the patient’s body 8 hours before the sexual intercourse.

The study was conducted on 60 patients, which were divided into two equal groups.

The first group of subjects received 100 mg of Tramadol for 4 weeks, and then as a sporadic basis also for 4 weeks.

The second group took a placebo in a similar scheme. The final results were analyzed using the Student’s t-test.

Results of the study

Scientists have concluded that when taking Tramadol, the sex life of men objectively improved.

Given that premature ejaculation is a common male sexual dysfunction that leads to serious psychological disorders, stress and dissatisfaction with sex life, this study was of particular importance.

As it turned out, Tramadol helps to cope the problem of premature ejaculation – a drug that was originally invented as a product to combat pain of various origins. Invented in the seventies of the last century, Tramadol demonstrates high safety performance. Considering that mankind has successfully used Tramadol for more than 30 years, one can confidently say that the drug is one of the softest means in its class.

Unfortunately, to date, scientists have not established how Tramadol contributes to curb ejaculation.

The mechanism of action has not been identified, and numerous laboratory studies have revealed only that the drug acts as a serotonin modulator. It is likely that a certain combination of effects provokes a delay in ejaculation, which was noted, in particular, by the control group participating in the study.

The men who took part in the experiment were between the ages of 20 and 45 years. Among the control group, there were no men with serious health problems, such as hypertension, sexually transmitted diseases, mental disorders or diabetes mellitus. Also, men who took antidepressants and benzodiazepines were excluded from the study. All subjects had to have a stable relationship with their second half.

The study did not allow couples who used barrier contraception in sexual life.

As a result, the study showed that Tramadol is able to objectively postpone the moment of ejaculation during sexual intercourse.

Considering that many men face this problem, Tramadol can really become a tool that will help control ejaculation and make your sex life much brighter and more interesting. Fortunately, you can buy Tramadol today without a prescription at one of the many online pharmacies that offer products with delivery to the United States.

How to buy Tramadol?

If you are faced with the problem of premature ejaculation – it can significantly undermine your relationship with your beloved woman. In this case, Tramadol, an analgesic containing opioids, can become your reliable assistant. Although to date, the mechanism of the effect of Tramadol on the process of ejaculation has not been studied, the practice of many men shows that the drug is effective enough in the fight against this sexual dysfunction.

You can buy Tramadol without a prescription in overnight mode at our pharmacy by placing an order online. On the pages of our site, the drug is offered in a variety of dosages. We recommend that you start with a minimum dosage, as it is likely to be enough to start controlling ejaculation.

The non-systematic treatment of Tramadol will improve your sex life and allow you to reach new heights in bed.

In this case, do not forget that Tramadol is an opioid analgesic, which means that the drug should be necessarily coordinated with your doctor. There are a number of contraindications to taking the drug. In particular, it can’t be used together with alcohol, drugs, sedatives and a number of other drugs. Among the side effects the most popular are nausea, vomiting, sleep disturbance, emotional instability.

All this must be taken into account when ordering a Tramadol from us.

We also have to warn you that long-term use of Tramadol, like any opioid analgesic, can provoke addiction. To prevent this from happening, monitor the intake of the drug and try to learn how to prolong sexual intercourse with the help of psychological techniques using Tramadol only as an additional supportive therapy.