Action and side effects of Tramadol

There are quite a lot of reasons that cause premature ejaculation. Usually this problem is related to psychological barriers or long-term lack of sexual life of the patient.

Anyway, premature ejaculation significantly lowers men’s self-esteem, which in turn provokes more serious sexual dysfunction.

A man, who is unable to satisfy a woman during intercourse, feels frustrated. So those, who are faced with this problem, begin to actively seek ways to solve it.

Of course, the majority of patients look for a magic pill that would effortlessly help to cope with this disease. Today one of these tablets is Tramadol, an opioid analgesic, which is widely distributed in the United States.

Modern science is skeptical to the properties of Tramadol for treating premature ejaculation. Primarily it is because scientists don’t know the mechanisms why the admission of Tramadol contributes to prolongation of sexual intercourse.

Experts attribute the positive effect of taking Tramadol due to the fact that the complex of some methods of influence of the drug on the central nervous system can give an effect, when a man can longer hold back the ejaculation.

Moreover, nowadays we are aware of at least five studies that have been conducted over the drug Tramadol in the context of premature ejaculation. And the research results are really astounding – the drug is objectively able to prolong sexual intercourse in 3-20 times.

Most men begin to apply Tramadol without a prescription, without worrying about side effects.

However, such effects are observed, and this obliges us to tell you about them in order to protect patients from serious consequences.

Side effects

Being a powerful synthetic opioid, Tramadol can cause a number of the typical side effects, including dizziness, nausea, drowsiness and vomiting. In addition, overdose of Tramadol can lead to labored breathing. In rare cases, the exceeding of the prescribed dosage can lead to the fact that a patient will slip into a coma.

The cases of death are also not uncommon and it should be considered during the uncontrolled administration of the drug.

How should you use Tramadol in case of premature ejaculation?

If you suffer from such sexual dysfunction as premature ejaculation – Tramadol can become your reliable assistant in correcting the situation. Practice of thousands of men shows that effective dosage is 75 mg of Tramadol for 6 hours before sexual intercourse.

It is not recommended to use Tramadol immediately before sex, as this may cause side effects, which are unwanted during lovemaking. In particular, such side effects include erectile dysfunction, which can appear during your stay with a woman in bed.

It is important to note that you you should use the standard form of Tramadol, but not prolonged one in case of the struggle with premature ejaculation.

The second one is designed to gently eliminate chronic pain and is not suitable to deal with premature ejaculation.

The optimal choice for a patient, who suffers from sexual dysfunction, is to buy the drug in a minimum dosage.

Where can you buy Tramadol without a prescription?

Today every US resident can order Tramadol without prescription in the overnight mode. You should simply select the drug dosage and place your order on the website. Affordable prices and prompt delivery make us one of the most convenient stores of opioid analgesic.

Despite the fact that you can buy Tramadol without a prescription at our pharmacy, we recommend you to consult your doctor before taking the drug. This is especially true for patients suffering from premature ejaculation as this is an inappropriate use of the drug.

If you suffer from chronic pain, you should buy Tramadol solely to prolong sexual intercourse, it is necessary to monitor the dosage and not exceed the optimal 75-100 mg.

Now you don’t have to be shamed before a woman, demonstrating your inability to delay ejaculation.

Buying Tramadol in our online store, you will be able to become a desirable lover. But you should keep in mind that Tramadol is only a supportive drug, and the emphasis should be made on the overcome of psychological barriers, making you unable to delay ejaculation.